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Video FAQ
Video FAQ

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1. Where can I use the various offered video formats?
You can view the video material in a very large number of areas: commercials and trailers, video installations, TV programs, presentations, web banners, YouTube videos, etc. If you need further information about the possible fields of application, please contact us with your questions.

2. What is the difference between HD ready and Full HD?
Full HD 1080p and HD ready 720p is a measure of video quality and the vertical screen resolution. HD Ready has 720 pixels, while Full HD includes 1080 pixels. The Full HD resolution is therefore 1920 x 1080 pixels and the display sharper than the 1280 x 720 pixels of HD ready. In order to view Full HD at full resolution, the monitor or screen must have the corresponding resolution.

3. Which video format should I use? What resolution is required for TV broadcast?
That depends on the standards of each country. The quality of Full HD or HD Ready should be sufficient in most cases, when it is necessary that finished video be recoded or converted according to the broadcast standard of the particular country.

4. What formats are Swoozo.com files offered in?
Videos are supplied encoded by Swoozo.com in Quicktime MOV format in H.264. The frame rate (FPS) corresponds to the original file delivered to Swoozo.com.

5. What software can I use Swoozo.com to edit videos?
Most video editing programs are able to use and work withthe MOV format. Some examples are Final Cut Pro, Adobe After Effects, Pinnacle Studios, etc. You can find more software on Google that allows you to edit the downloaded videos.

6. What is FPS?
The frame rate indicates the number of frames that are recorded or played back in a certain time period. FPS stands for "frames per second".

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